Frequently Asked Questions About CoolSculpting In Jacksonville, FL

This article will summarize the most frequent questions by interested individuals who wanted to know more about CoolSculpting. These FAQs are mostly received in some centers of aesthetics who use the new and revolutionary method to remove excess fat which is known as CoolSculpting.

How does it work?

CoolSculpting controlled cooling attacks only eliminates excess fat cells, which are “broken” and be eliminated from the body and this process usually takes over the course of weeks. This is a natural and non-invasive process.

How long does the session last?

CoolSculpting is becoming more popular but still, needs a bit of patience to make it successful. CoolSculpting can last for 2 hours or longer, depending on the size of the area. During your consultation, the doctor will inform you about the estimated duration of your treatment. Each patient can return to normal activity immediately after the procedure, including work and exercise.

What happens to fat cells after the treatment?

The exposure to cold causes the fat cells to begin the natural elimination process, which results in a smooth reduction of the fat layer. Dead fat cells are eliminated through the body’s normal metabolic process which is similar to how they are removed when dieting.

How long will I wait before I can notice the result?

A significant fat reduction result is usually seen 2 to 4 months after treatment.

How is it different from other procedures like liposuction?

The results with CoolSculpting are not as immediate with other invasive treatments like liposuction because it is a natural and progressive procedure that removes excess fat through an organic process and not through surgery. If you do not want to experience a huge pain, risk, and a long time of recovery that are associated with a liposuction, the CoolSculpting is the treatment that you should undergo.

How long its benefits last?

Fat cells removed through the CoolSculpting slowly release lipids, and are absorbed through the body’s natural metabolism. Fat removal through this procedure is expected to last the same as with other invasive procedures like liposuction.

With CoolSculpting, make sure to look for most qualified professionals to take care of your skin in the best way. You can search online and use the keyword coolsculpting Jacksonville, FL. CoolSculpting is becoming more popular because it is a natural procedure. There are a lot of aesthetic centers that offer a free medical consultation to make a personal evaluation and recommend a treatment according to the needs of each patient to obtain a positive result to the body.

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